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Voluntarism lies at the heart of Junior League of Lafayette and we Celebrate our Volunteers during this National Volunteer Month

By: Lisa Lazard, Active Member

In April, we celebrate National Volunteer Month, a tradition officially recognized in the United States since 1974. This month is dedicated to honoring all volunteers in our communities and encouraging voluntarism throughout the month.

This month-long observance serves as a reminder to all of us of the power of collective action and the profound impact an individual can make.

With a membership of over 600 women volunteers, volunteering lies at the heart of JLL and provides us the opportunity to make a significant difference, through service, in our community.

As we celebrate voluntarism this month, we wanted to hear from a few of our league members who shared their volunteer experiences.

Active Monique Brunet knew she wanted to help make the League’s first Touch-a-Truck event a success, so she signed up to volunteer. Brunet helped arrange barricades the evening before the event and spent hours on the event day filling ice chests, securing signage, arranging exhibits – anything the committee needed.


“The committee had their plan together so effectively. I was impressed at how well things came together on the morning of the event. No one seemed stressed, and the event was off to a smooth start. I returned that afternoon to help with take down which went so quick, again thanks to the committee’s plan and guidance,” Brunet said.


“From taping a hose to a faucet to fill water stations and shoveling sand with a garbage can lid to picking up trash and chasing windblown signs, I truly felt the essence of ‘Women Powered, Mission Driven.’ Nothing could stop Junior League of Lafayette from making the first ever Touch-a-Truck a success!”


Active Alexandra Drouant said her favorite project she volunteered for this year, as a Junior League of Lafayette Member, was the 2024 Women Build home.


“This home was Lafayette Habitat for Humanity’s largest build to date. We stuffed insulation, made doorframes, and even learned how to operate and use the table saw,” she said.


"Being able to play a small part in the creation of a home that will make such a great impact on a family is one of the many gratifying reasons why I JLL!”


Active Mary-Katherine Hooper is a shining example of passion and commitment to community service. She has dedicated countless hours to various projects and initiatives and said her love for volunteering stems from a desire to make a positive impact and support those in need.


As a member of the League's SMILES committee, she collaborates with Miles Perrett Cancer Services to assist families affected by cancer through a range of activities like packing school supplies, hosting spooky Halloween painting events, or organizing fun bowling outings with the League.


Hooper's energy and enthusiasm is contagious and its what’s needed to inspire and encourage others to volunteer, which is what this month is all about.


“One of my favorite quotes about volunteering is from Helen Dyer, and it embodies my deep-rooted belief in the power of giving back,” Hooper said.


 “Helen said ‘volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.'” 

Her unwavering dedication to making a difference and bringing smiles to those facing challenges is a testament to the profound impact that individuals like Hooper can have on their community through voluntarism.


We salute these volunteers for their unwavering services to our community and their commitment to Junior League of Lafayette. Their stories serve to inspire us to continue to take action, to realize our power to make a difference, and to continue to embrace the vision of Junior League.

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