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Celebrating 55 years of 'Talk About Good!'

Our beloved and original cookbook, “Talk About Good!” turns 55 this year!

“Talk About Good!” was originally published in June of 1967. This cookbook was the first cookbook ever created by Junior League of Lafayette. It was such a great success that it led to the eventual creation of our second cookbook, “Talk About Good II,” our third cookbook, “Tell Me More,” and our fourth and final cookbook created by Junior League of Lafayette, “Something to Talk About.”

Since its inception and to date, every copy of “Talk About Good!” that is sold contributes to the charitable endeavors of Junior League of Lafayette, Inc. Not only is this cookbook beneficial to the community but it is truly a kitchen staple. The cookbook was the winner of the Walter S. McIlhenny Hall of Fame Award. It was also the Official Carnival Cookbook in February 2000.

There are over 1,200 recipes, all from Members of the League and their families and friends. They are multicultural recipes passed down from generation to generation. These recipes have stood the test of time. The same recipes enjoyed 55 years ago are still just as desired today.

The cookbook is well organized with cross-indexed tabs which makes it easy for the owner to find just the perfect thing to cook or bake.

With over 800,000 copies sold to date, the green illustration on the front cover and the vibrant yellow stripes are eye-catching and a classic design. Purchase this hardback treasure today at

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