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Junior League of Lafayette Extends Helping Hand to Women in Need During Winter Freeze

Updated: Feb 9

Amidst the recent harsh winter conditions, Junior League of Lafayette demonstrated its commitment to collaboration by promptly responding to a plea from Catholic Charities of Acadiana.  

Earlier this month, the League donated a one-time emergency distribution of 20-25 period packs to women seeking refuge from the freezing temperatures at the Emily House, a shelter run by Catholic Charities.  

Shalondra Lewis, Junior League Community Vice President, delivered the much-needed supplies, impacting more than 60 individuals during the critical weather event.  

“This is a great example of what we do as a League,” Lewis said. “Address community needs and collaborate with other nonprofits to ensure we continue to make lasting impacts on women and children." 

Catholic Charities of Acadiana plays a pivotal role in providing shelter for a diverse group of individuals, including 160 men, women, children, and veterans. The collaboration between Junior League of Lafayette and Catholic Charities extends beyond this emergency response. Junior League has consistently stepped up to support Catholic Charities, not only through this emergency aid but also through ongoing volunteers and donations.  

“Junior League of Lafayette has established a strong rapport with Catholic Charities and demonstrates a keen understanding of our community's needs,” said Ben Broussard, Chief of External Affairs for Catholic Charities of Acadiana.  

“The experience of homelessness is inherently challenging, with issues beyond just shelter and security. The donation of hygiene care is just another example of how Junior League of Lafayette sees the unique struggles faced by women in such situations.  Hygiene products often do not top the list of donations. Ensuring access to feminine hygiene products not only addresses a basic necessity, but also aids in restoring a sense of dignity for those grappling with the trauma of homelessness.” 

The importance of community involvement cannot be overstated, especially during the early months of the year. Junior League of Lafayette and Catholic Charities of Acadiana encourages individuals to consider contributing their time, resources, and energy to fill critical gaps this spring. 

Junior League's rapid response to Catholic Charities' call for assistance exemplifies the power of collaboration during times of crisis. By addressing the specific needs of women facing homelessness, the League not only provided essential supplies but also offered a ray of hope and dignity to those navigating the challenges of homelessness.  

For more information on Catholic Charities of Acadiana and how to get involved, visit 


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